With INBRACE, Nicki doesn't have to wait until treatment is over to enjoy her new smile.

With INBRACE, Nicki doesn't have to wait until treatment is over to enjoy her new smile.

You've already decided that you want straighter teeth, and you're wondering if there is a better, truly invisible way. The answer is INBRACE.



Completely convenient, unlike plastic aligners, there is nothing to remove for every meal, every cup of coffee, every snack, important meeting, or night out with your friends



INBRACE Smartwires let you brush and floss normally while GentleForce technology moves your teeth following the principles of the gold standard in orthodontics



With nothing to see, there is nothing to feel self-conscious about with INBRACE. Chase your dreams confidently, INBRACE is behind you every step of the way

Get to know INBRACE.

Weigh your options – Everything you need to know about how INBRACE compares to braces and plastic aligners can be found below

Braces Plastic Aligners
Aesthetics Completely hidden Visible Translucent with buttons or anchors on the front of teeth
Ideally For Creatives, musicians, travelers, and others who enjoy an active and social lifestyle Young people and the most advanced cases The conscientious and disciplined
Oral Hygiene Brush and floss normally Brush and floss after every meal, a floss threader is recommended Brush and floss teeth normally, aligners also need to be cleaned to prevent discoloration and odors after every meal or snack
Comfort Temporary discomfort for 2 weeks, most severe around the end of the 1st week Temporary discomfort at beginning of treatment, and after appointments Temporary discomfort at beginning of treatment, and at the beginning of each new aligner throughout treatment
Speech Difficulty May temporarily affect speech during treatment None May temporarily affect speech during treatment
Diet Avoid hard, sticky, and chewy foods Avoid hard, sticky, and chewy foods Aligners must be worn 22 hours a day, snacking and coffee habits not recommended
Cost Priced competitively with aligners from an orthodontist Typically $4,000-$5,000 Typically $1,000 more than traditional braces
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Orthodontists that offer INBRACE do more than just take care of your teeth, they take care of you. Orthodontists are specialists who spend up to 3 additional years in training after completing dental school to focus exclusively on the art and science of moving teeth and creating amazing smiles. Trust the experts.

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I Forget it's There

I have had INBRACE for 9 months now. Honestly, I actually forget its there. My teeth are moving so gradually that I can't even tell - but when I look at my progress photos I can see that my teeth have moved a lot. It is pretty amazing how different this is from when I had braces before.

Kathryn A.Mother


The Opposite of Gross

I didn't want Invisalign because it is kinda gross. My friends would take out their aligners in front of me all of the time and they would yellow or crusty. They would stuff them in their pockets or on napkins and then would just put them back in their mouths.

Tina C. Student


Truly Invisble

My friends have had Invisalign - and you could definitely see them, they were hardly invisible. It's cool that INBRACE is hidden behind my teeth - nobody can tell! - but they can tell that I am smiling a lot more. It's the best!

Monica H.Stylist


Achieve Your Goals

I am getting my MBA and I want to be in a leader in the future. Being a leader means that people will be looking at me and I have to be someone that a team can get behind. There is something powerful about a confident smile. That is what INBRACE does for me.

Courtney WMBA Candidate


Completely Convenient

I work in a restaurant - and I am tasting food - and snacking! - all day. With Invisalign everytime you eat and drink you are supposed to brush your teeth. There is no way I could do that. I like that it just works, I don't feel like I have to do anything.

Yvonne S.Chef


Better Than Braces

My teeth moved a lot since I stopped wearing my retainer years ago, and I had to do something about it. Compared to the metal braces I had in my teens INBRACE is more comfortable and much more convenient - flossing is so much easier. Overall the experience is so much better.

Brian S.Account Executive


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