Hi! This is Tawny, and she is wearing braces.

Hi! This is Nicki, and she is wearing braces.

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Hi! This is Tawny, and she is wearing braces.

Hi! This is Nicki, and she is wearing braces.

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Looking for a truly invisible way to a better smile? You’ve found it! Learn more about INBRACE.

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Why you’ll love INBRACE.

Gentleforce Technology

INBRACE Smartwires are designed with Gentleforce technology. Patented Smartwires are designed specifically for each and every patient to gradually move teeth with light continuous forces.

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INBRACE is the most advanced way to improve your smile, and it's invisible?! That's INBRACE!



Completely hidden behind your teeth INBRACE is the truly invisible way to a better smile. Plastic aligners cover your teeth on the front and the back.



Advanced technology without the high price. Older hidden orthodontic solutions were inconvenient, inefficient, and too expensive. INBRACE is advanced technology at a price comparable to Invisalign.



A smile is more than just straight teeth. Certified INBRACE orthodontists work with you to create a truly personal smile and prepare you for a lifetime of excellent oral health.

INBRACE lets you smile freely.

With INBRACE you can eat when you want where you want. You won't have to worry about awkwardly removing wet aligners in front of your friends before every meal or drink. Just smile freely, your teeth are getting straighter.

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I Wish I Had Known

I wish I had known about INBRACE before getting Invisalign! INBRACE is fixing my bite, which 3 years of Invisalign could not do - that too without the buttons or rubber bands, without the hassle of removing it for meals, and all while being actually invisible. I could not have chosen a better treatment option.

Shreya A.Account Executive


Truly Invisible

My friends have had Invisalign - and they were hardly invisible. You could definitely see them. It's cool that INBRACE is hidden behind my teeth - nobody can tell! - but they can tell that I am smiling a lot more. It's the best!

Monica H.Stylist


Hi Tech

The Smartwire is pretty amazing - it is pretty incredible that my teeth are just moving by themselves. This is totally high tech - I feel like I have AutoPilot for my smile.

Uri T.Aerospace Engineer


Completely Convenient

I work in a restaurant - and I am tasting food - and snacking! - all day. With Invisalign every time you eat and drink you are supposed to brush your teeth. There is no way I could do that. I like that it just works, I don't feel like I have to do anything.

Yvonne S.Chef


I Forget It's There

I'm impressed by how comfortable and convenient INBRACE is compared to the braces I had in my teens. I forget that it is there since treatment is so gentle. I really enjoy the fact that INBRACE is truly invisible which makes me confident about showing off my new smile before treatment is even finished.

Tawny S. Office Manager


The Opposite of Gross

I didn't want Invisalign because it is kinda gross. My friends would take out their aligners in front of me all of the time and they would be yellow or crusty. They would stuff them in their pockets or on napkins and then would just put them back in their mouths.

Tina C. Student


Achieve Your Goals

I am getting my MBA, and I want to be in a leader in the future. Being a leader means that people will be looking at me, and I have to be someone that a team can get behind. There is something powerful about a confident smile. That is what INBRACE does for me.

Courtney W.MBA Candidate


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