For Orthodontists by Orthodontists

(and Aerospace Engineers, Bone Biologists, Computer Scientists, and Orthodontic Practice Experts)

Listen to your patients. Set yourself apart.

Your patients have been asking for Invis-ible. Give them what they really want, no attachments no reservations. No longer make the tradeoff between finish quality and aesthetics. Give your patients the best experience possible, they will tell their friends.

Ease of use

INBRACE was designed to eliminate the most common challenges of working behind the teeth. INBRACE doesn’t require regular activations. Wire changes can take less than 5 minutes, our flexible interdental loops make wire insertion behind the teeth a snap, even when there is crowding. Predictable chair time for you, shorter and less frequent appointments for your patients.

Focus on outcomes

Your expertise is in creating the outcomes that meet you and your patients goals. The two most important days for your patients are the day they start treatment, and the day they finish. INBRACE Smartwires make everyday in between as effective and efficient as possible, we don’t rely on patient compliance to achieve great outcomes on schedule.

“I can see the disruptive potential of INBRACE in the field of orthodontics. It is a win-win for the patients and the profession. Finally, an aesthetic solution our patients have been asking for that easily integrates into the modern orthodontic practice workflow and delivers outstanding clinical outcomes”

- W. Ronald Redmond, DDS, MS, FACD

"INBRACE represents the best of innovation. A re-imagining of fundamental orthodontic principles in a completely new device that speaks to the needs of today's patients and today's orthodontic practice.

- Dr. Marc Lemchen, DMD

More about INBRACE

Non-sliding and friction-free

INBRACE was born from an unprecedented collaboration between digital imaging thought leaders at USC’s Ostrow School of Dentistry and advanced manufacturing experts at the Viterbi School of Engineering to create a non-sliding friction free treatment solution. Our partners in the Schulman Study Group stand behind INBRACE and its disruptive potential in 21st century orthodontics.

Complete control

Each INBRACE Smartwire is programmed to level & align teeth, open & close space, express torque, and correct rotations with no powerchains or coil springs required. Working in concert with the INBRACE Brackets we begin moving teeth in all 3 dimensions starting Day 1.

All about the Finish

As Orthodontists we know that treatment is all about the finish. INBRACE has been designed to be the standard in precision controlled orthodontics, achieving consistent finishes with a custom Smartwire designed just for final detailing.

Healthy Tooth Movement

Traditional Orthodontics is about applying a large amount of force, that force declines until the patient returns for the next activation. GentleForce technology maintains consistent force delivery over the entire course of treatment allowing the body time to maintain healthy bone, roots, and gums. It is like putting teeth on cruise control.

Floss like normal

The interdental loops in our patented INBRACE Smartwire allow patients to floss as they normally would without braces. Improved oral hygiene means healthier and efficient tooth movement.

A Familiar and Comfortable Workflow


Spend your time designing the ideal setup for your patient using our INBRACE Virtual Treatment Plan (VTx). Each INBRACE Smartwire is programmed to faithfully reproduce your setup.


INBRACE Brackets are pre-positioned and precision placed via indirect bonding.


INBRACE Smartwires are locked into position and tooth movement is initiated. Our Smartwires use our Gentleforce technology to guide each tooth to their destination.