Are you [IN]?

Braces, Reinvented.

Why you’ll love INBRACE

Better hygiene and no stains!

With INBRACE it is easy to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Brush and floss like normal. Clear aligners can trap liquids like coffee, wine and soda which can lead to staining and tooth decay. Traditional braces require special tools to floss.

Nothing to lose

The best thing about clear aligners is that you can take them out. But you have to put them somewhere, thousands of times.

No odors, no discoloration

Clear aligners are supposed to be invisible, but after a few days of wear 22 hours a day, they begin to yellow unless you clean them too. See here for yourself.

Be yourself

INBRACE is always working, so you don’t have to. With INBRACE you can eat when you want where you want, no wet aligners to awkwardly remove and stuff in your pocket. Smile freely, your teeth are getting straighter.

Keep your fingers out of your mouth

Take your aligners off and on, every meal, every snack, every drink, every day. With one on top and one on bottom, it adds up. 3 meals a day x 2 aligners x 365 days - that is over 2,000 times. Now think about that cup of coffee, that night out with friends, that business meeting and those few more times ADD up. Don't forget to wash your hands.


Discuss pricing and payment options with your provider but generally INBRACE is priced in the same range as clear aligner therapy


If you are eligible for orthodontic benefits through your insurance provider, those benefits can be applied to your INBRACE treatment

Do I qualify?

INBRACE is recommended for those aged 15 and older. Please visit your local INBRACE provider for an evaluation.