Braces. Reinvented.

A better way to a perfect smile


INBRACE dramatically improves on the most important aspects of orthodontic treatment. Hidden behind your teeth INBRACE is quicker, more comfortable. INBRACE reimagines fundamental orthodontic principles with 21st technology to create something both revolutionary and familiar.

Actually invisible

With nothing attached to the front of your teeth enjoy the benefits of your improving smile with INBRACE within weeks. Don’t lock yourself behind the bars of traditional braces or the glistening plastic and permanent attachments of ‘clear’ aligners. Take that selfie with pride!

Shorter treatment time

The fundamental inspiration for INBRACE is efficient tooth movement. Our INBRACE Smartwires minimize the tooth movement required to achieve your smile, this efficiency can reduce treatment time by months, and in some cases years for the most advanced cases.

Less discomfort

INBRACE uses patented self driving Gentleforce technology to guide your teeth to their ideal position. This means fewer discomfort events - no more painful tightenings, no more forcing your teeth into a plastic mold every two weeks.

No More Tradeoffs

Get the efficacy of traditional braces, with the aesthetics superior to Invisalign in a single product, all in a self-driving personalized device that is made specifically for you and your smile.

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One of the reasons why braces hurt so much is the way they work. They waste a lot of energy intended for moving your teeth, causing you pain.


Your smile is a big part of our social and professional identity, traditional braces prevent you from being yourself while your teeth straighten.


With traditional braces you won't know what your smile will look like until the day the braces come off. With INBRACE's Virtual Smile Simulator you can see your smile before you even start.

Clear aligners


You are only allowed 2 hours a day to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, have a business meeting, drink coffee, enjoy a snack, or share a drink a with friends.


You can't wear your aligners while you enjoy your coffee, munch on a snack, have lunch or dinner with friends and family. The average Invisalign user removes their aligners thousands of times each year.


Most cases recommend the use of permanent attachments on the front of your teeth, hardly invisible. Also did you know that refinements (extended treatment time) are recommended for the majority of Invisalign cases.


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Clear aligners

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Sound Science + Innovation

INBRACE was born from an unprecedented collaboration between the top research programs at the Ostrow School of Dentistry and Viterbi School of Engineering at the University of Southern California, both recognized as top national programs. Based on the fundamental principles of Orthodontics, INBRACE has been received by top academic orthodontic programs, and thought leaders in Orthodontics. INBRACE is proudly designed and manufactured in Southern California.

Experts and patients alike praise INBRACE

I can’t believe the difference and it has only been six weeks

James P - Age 32

I love checking out my smile first thing in the morning - everyday I smile bigger and bigger.

Mat W - Age 28

I had braces as a kid, but I didn’t wear my retainer. Am so glad that there is INBRACE it is way better and nobody can tell I am wearing braces.

Felicia C - Age 25

Getting INBRACE is as easy as 1-2-3


Schedule an appointment with your INBRACE orthodontist for a consultation


Next your orthodontist will take a digital scan of your teeth, often at the same initial appointment


4 weeks later, return to your orthodontist’s office for activation of your customized, precision INBRACE Smartwire and your journey to a better smile begins

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